Bir Billing: Humming in the Hamlet

Mountains are calling, we must go! Himalayas were calling us… and we went! And boy, what an experience it was. Surrounded by the snowclad Dhauladhar range on four sides, we were staying in the heart of the mountains, untouched by the commercial hostility and touristy shenanigans. It was Bir-Billing, and it made us feel its... Continue Reading →


Eiffel: The Glitter of Gold

Everyone who visits Paris has one thing on his agenda. Eiffel Tower. My plan was no different. As soon as we landed in the city, got ourselves checked in the BnB, the first thing we did was head to the Eiffel Tower. The Eiffel was about couple of miles away from me. We decided to... Continue Reading →

Alleppey: Charm of the backwaters

It’s not known as God’s Own Country for nothing. It’s not called Venice of East for nothing. Once you go to Alleppey, these are not just alias names and metaphors, but you can see these come to life right in front of your eyes. Some places are worth a visit, and some places just pull... Continue Reading →

What NOT to do on a trip: Transport

Falling for touristy traps is a common thing when planning a trip. In layman’s terms, they are known as taxi services. They charge a bomb just to drop you from one place to another. And if they see a foreign face, it increases even more. You are sitting at your home, thinking about problems you... Continue Reading →

Naples: The heart of Italy

There is an Italian proverb – “You see Naples and Die”, not because of Mount Vesuvius, an active volcano which just stares at you from a petrifyingly close distance, but due to the blue bay and the famous Mediterranean climate that not only makes the city look beautiful, but also makes exploring it a lovely... Continue Reading →

Florence: Under the Tuscan sun

They say, the sunlight in Florence is pink. The city, birthplace of the renaissance, also made famous by legendary artists like Filippino Lippi, Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo and Raphael is an experience to live for. Additionally, it boasts of many things like the Gelato, Tuscan cuisine, Ponte Vecchio and of course, the weather! There was... Continue Reading →

Venice: Too good to be believed

Venice is a dream in reality, a sweet melody personified. It’s like a poem to be read slowly with eyes closed. It’s a marvel which doesn’t seem real even after you have stayed there and left. Its touristy, it’s crowded and it’s small, yet it’s magical. It’s too good to be believed. To experience Venice,... Continue Reading →

Rajmachi: Fire on the Mountain

I am born and brought up in the mountains, in the Sahyadris to be precise. My hometown, Nashik, is like a bowl affixed in two ranges of the Western Ghats. With me, the fascination for the hills gradually grew. Every thought of gigantic creations took me back to my childhood, when climbing the nearest mountain... Continue Reading →

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